Awesomesauce – the state of being extremely good or enjoyable.

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awesomesaucenounslangthe state of being extremely good or enjoyable or something or someone that is extremely good or enjoyable

Recovering from the awesomesauce of another fab #Vidcon!!

[ 03 August 2015]

Sensei Yu is basically the totally best ever awesomesauce.

[ 18 August 2015]

Here’s a list of some of her famous, awesome-sauce relatable characters throughout her career (and sorry I’m not going to mention her Bring It on Again no matter how much you try to make me …. I just won’t).

[ 10 September 2015]

weak saucenounslangthe state of being inferior or disappointing, or someone or something that is inferior or disappointing

Sorry, Joe Negron, but this latest ploy for Senate Presidency is weak sauce.

[ 26 August 2015]

My lucid dreams are weak sauce. Need help please!

[ 26 August 2015]

nothing burgernouninformalsomething that has no substance or meaning


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