The true superstars on Twitter are educators.

“I love the fact that teachers are sharing what’s going on in their classrooms with the Community via Twitter” Chad Lehman
“It is far more important to enhance learning via high quality content and instructional transformation than it is to simply replace a pencil with a tablet and hope for the best.” Mike Lubelfield


“If the goal of education is to prepare students to become productive members of society, teaching interview skills is a critical part of that preparation. An interview exercises students’ critical thinking and communication skills, and they are required to think creatively on their feet.” Leigh Ann Whittle

“The best thing that you can do to foster a child’s love of reading is to read with him or her. Reading aloud is a low-pressure and foolproof way to engage the imagination through the written word.” LeVar Burton


“I used to think Twitter was just for celebrities. What they wore, who they’re with, and where they went. Then, I discovered that the true superstars on Twitter were educators.”
Alice Chen

“I understand that we teachers can be reluctant to discuss politics in our classrooms, but sometimes we forget that a lot of books and movies that have stood the test of time provide natural segues to contemporary political issues.”
Chris Sloan

“Along my educational journey, I have seen many ideas come and go, but I remain focused on teaching students the skills they need to become successful members of society and to develop their own love of learning.”
Rebecca Girard

“It should be abundantly clear to anyone with experience around classrooms, teachers or students (which is to say almost all of us), that teaching is a highly emotional craft, loaded with possibility and expectation, importance and scale.” Terry Heick



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