Schools must promote not only student learning but also teacher learning

This week the teachers say about…

According to a Gallup Student Poll (2015) of public school children, 47% report being “disengaged” at school. Unfortunately, this statistic doesn’t shock me. Too many classrooms are not set up with the intention of engaging students. Catlin Tucker

Being a teacher is a tough job. The quantity and the complexity of the decisions and responses we make in the course of a day is daunting.
Most of what we do in the classroom we do because it ‘works’. How do we know it works? Because it feels right. David Didau

Learning to teach is an ongoing process. To be successful, then, schools must promote not only student learning but also teacher learning across their careers. Matthew Ronfeldt


Today’s world is a learner’s paradise and a non-learner’s pit. The accessibility of knowledge, rapid pace of change, and vastness, present unlimited opportunities for exploration, growth, and contribution.
Eduardo Briceno

Talk with your introverted students—privately. Take opportunities to speak with them privately, in a relaxed way, so that you can do two things: let them know that you understand them, and confirm that they are keeping up in class.
Lori Stoke

Beyond learning teaching methodologies, and how to do things in the classroom, teachers were also expected to know these general ideas about teaching and learning. But these theories lived in ‘academic’ worlds that seemed very far removed from the messy, complicated work that language teachers do with their students in their classrooms on a daily basis. So to counteract this distance, it makes sense that interest in understanding how people actually think as language teachers increased —the kinds of thinking they do, what factors shape the thinking, how the thinking evolves over time through a teaching life, and how that thinking can be ‘taught’ to (or developed in) new teachers.
Donald Freeman, a professor of education at the University of Michigan

Some of the biggest names in psychology, including Jean Piaget and Jerome Bruner, believe that play is a child’s work. The best way to teach kids, they say, is through hands-on, active learning. Melissa Nott

I absolutely do believe that all students can not only survive but thrive in a Project Based Learning (PBL) classroom, and that for many of our students who struggle, the engagement that accompanies PBL is a game changer. So I encourage teachers to think about their efficacy and focus on strategies they need to put in place that will help students who are academically behind, prone to distraction or easily discouraged. JoAnn Groh

Education aligned to employer needs and delivered when and where it works for employees is key. What happens if, collectively, we don’t evolve fast enough?
Jeff Ray, President and CEO at Ellucian

The education system is moving away from giving students homework. This is an outrage I know. How else can a student practice what they’ve learned for the day. If one does not complete homework how can one assure the concepts are grasped.
Anya Hollis



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