…you’ll notice toddlers making first steps and at the same time effortlessly swiping through apps.

This week the teachers say about…

“Simply look around and you’ll notice toddlers making their first steps and at the same time effortlessly swiping through apps on their own tablets. This is the reality. In an increasingly digitalized world kids’ technological literacy is as important as their writing or reading skills.”  Erin Klein

“We, as teachers, know exactly what our students need much better than a textbook company hundreds or thousands of miles away.” Matt Miller

“About 170,000 California children who are eligible for publicly funded preschool are not enrolled because there are not enough spots for them, a new report says.
“We are missing an opportunity to reduce achievement gaps when they are best addressed, before children start kindergarten,” Deborah Kong, president of Early Edge California

“Each day in class I had another story to tell, and when we missed a day of storytelling in class, my students eagerly asked me if I had any more stories, or if we were “just going to have a regular class”  A.J. Juliani
“Trying to solve a problem before being taught the solution leads to better learning, even when errors are made in the attempt.”  Matt Miller

“There really is no end to what one can create with students in the classroom. I believe that we always must ask why are we doing it? Is the learning better and more thorough when we change the learning landscape with technology? I believe that the answer can be yes, when we take into account the goals and enduring understanding as the guide to our plans.” Brenda Inskeep

“We want our students creating, connecting and using technology in ways that simply cannot be done with older pedagogical techniques. We want to transform learning and we can do this through a combination of technology and pedagogical shifts.”
District’s Director of Connecting Languages Mariana Balsiger
“There are numerous recent blog posts in the wake of #pencilchat on Twitter, where educators and others discussed the popular “pencil analogy” regarding technology in the classroom.  …simply putting a pencil in a child’s hand won’t make them a great writer. However, if you give a student a pencil coupled with powerful, meaningful content and exceptional instruction from an energized and committed educator—a great writer may just emerge. When that occurs, is it the pencil or the content that deserves the credit?” Mike Lubelfield

“Problem-based learning, makerspaces, flipped learning, student blogging — these are becoming perceived staples of 21st-century learning. With such ambitious practices taking the spotlight for how people regard modern classrooms, it’s not surprising that a murmur of impracticality or skepticism is still a frequent response when they’re first introduced.”
Mary Wade

“People have been talking about how education is broken for decades, but many of us are aware that some schools are doing a lot of things right. The growing move to end traditional grading practices, and towards increased use of competency based assessments, are both good examples of this. Let’s keep the dream alive and continue to explore and push for these next-level approaches to more effective teaching and learning.” Kelly Walsh


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