The role of teachers also shifted from traditional teaching to facilitator of learning

This week the teachers say about…


“As the ideas associated with growth mindset continue to spread, schools are envisioning and experimenting with new forms of assessment that highlight the growth process and the individual path of each learner. One example of this is the student-led conference, which is quickly replacing the outdated model of parents and teachers discussing a student while he or she is not present. Together with their teachers, they set goals that are personally meaningful and achievable.”

Andrea Hernandez , Edutopia

“Learning management systems may have come onto the education scene relatively recently, but they’ve come to play a huge role in many classrooms.” Kristen Hicks

“Perhaps the most effective way to grab a person’s attention is to ask them to solve a problem.” Ellen Burns-Johnson

“As teachers, it is important that we reflect on how we understand our learners as individuals. How an individual engages with learning a language is less dependent on the materials and subject knowledge of their teacher, but is rather more connected with their teacher’s interpersonal skills and ability to create motivating and enabling learning conditions in the classroom.” Sarah Mercer, Oxford University Press ELT


“So our job is to create opportunities where we support the self-esteem of all the students while at the same time reach the desired language teaching goals. One way of achieving this in the classroom is by setting tasks that build on self-expression through flexible frameworks that can be easily used by students of mixed language levels. Through activities that involve art, music and poetry we can help students to drawn on their own content, to focus on their creative selves primarily, allowing language to emerge as a result.” Erika Osvath, co-author of ‘Mixed-Ability Teaching’
“…warm demander – a key strategy for creating equity in the classroom. Warm demanders are teachers who, in the words of author Lisa Delpit, “expect a great deal of their students, convince them of their own brilliance, and help them to reach their potential in a disciplined and structured environment.” In my two decades of working in public schools, the idea of the warm demander is the most important conceptual framework that I’ve learned, and it guides my interactions with students on a daily basis.” Matt Alexander,  June Jordan School for Equity in San Francisco.
“With personalized learning, the role of teachers also shifted from traditional teaching to facilitator of learning. Teachers are creating opportunities for students to work in groups, collaborate, experiment, discuss and revise. With students at the center of their learning, teachers are becoming more of a support person guiding their progress and learning. This has also led to more data driven decision making.”
Carri Schneider

“Poetry, just like literature, has the power to start an open conversation about issues that students care about and that directly touch students’ lives.”
Rusul Alrubail

“School climate is a key factor in establishing a foundation of forward thinkers. The climate must foster trust, support and encouragement. When those elements are in place, teachers are willing to share their thoughts and plans.”
Amanda Stone


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