Yes, even teachers make mistakes…

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“Every time a teacher, school leader, student, or anyone in the learning community dares to step out from the system and challenge the status quo, we see the creativity, imagination, and genius come alive that makes us all human.” AJ Juliani

Teachers are the facilitators. They are the gateway for the students in all things academic and personal. They are role models, and that is what I find most rewarding. I feel rewarded every single day, and learning/teaching feels personal.” Carri Schneider

“Technology changes rapidly; we need to teach students how to learn new technology rather than teaching them specific technologies.”Laurah J.

“We know 3D printing and 3D scanning can have a huge potential on students in the classroom, bringing everyday objects to life from a vast array of projects.”
Ross Morrison McGill

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“We also need to think about the context surrounding the subject that we are teaching, as learning varies across disciplines. A concrete answer may be preferred in the sciences or mathematics, for instance, but perhaps not as valued in a humanities-type class. Different contexts can affect how well a student is prepared for each kind of learning. This can also affect a student’s view of learning and achievement in general and again places emphasis on understanding how students learn.” Edudemic Staff

“Peer thinking isn’t exactly how it sounds. When we use peer thinking, we are relying on our peers to help us come to a deeper connection with the story, activity, or problem. When students team up to work on activities, they become more creative and think on a deeper level. I believe it is because the students feel more confident, but whatever the reason, it works!”  Rachel Lynette

“Yes, even teachers make mistakes.I know because I’m one of those “mistake-making teachers.” I’ve taught students of all ability-levels; I’m now serving as an instructional specialist in a 1:1 school district; I’m a parent of three amazing children who, like my students, have very different capacities for learning. My perspective comes from professional practice, 20/20 hindsight , and daily life experience.”Nira Dale, K-12 Instructional Specialist

After speaking with teachers every single day about the benefits and challenges of additional technology in their classrooms, we’ve noticed that the concept of personalized learning has not only eluded many educators, but had also instilled fear and, worse, resentment.” Talia Arbit

“I believe that students should be using technology to its fullest potential in the classroom. This means that not only should students be using it to access the wealth of information on the Internet but that they also should be using digital tools to create meaningful content.” Alice Chen

“It never fails; spring break hits and all of a sudden it seems there is very little time left of the school year. The students feel it as they grow more restless, eager to explore more, not as satisfied with the same old routine. We feel it as educators, too. We feel the sheer panic of not having done enough, not having taught enough, not being enough.” Pernille Ripp

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