We live in an age where all known knowledge is at our fingertips

This week teachers say about…

The best teachers quotes

“If you are a teacher, you are not in the trenches… you are in an amazing place where we change the lives of young children. You don’t leave students shell-shocked. You don’t dodge bullets, or carry a gas mask, or deal with trench foot. And you don’t have anything to gain by metaphorically connecting the classroom to trenches. 

Let’s leave trenches to the history buffs, and move our classrooms into an era of discovery, enlightenment and openness.” David Truss

“If we want to be successful in terms of creating a successful journey into developing teaching and learning with technology, we have to create the right culture in our school. If that culture isn’t right, adding a load of technology to the equation isn’t going to improve outcomes. In fact it’ll most likely make things worse. Change management is so important too – having the right vision, skills, incentives, resources and action plan are key, but if the culture isn’t right; then you’ll still struggle to get the impact you want from your technological investment.” Mark Anderson

Teachers sayings and quotes

This week teachers say about…

“Some of the best things about being a teacher librarian and working with the entire school community in the library, are all of the celebrations and reading promotions that happen throughout the year.

There is always something awesome taking place which brings excitement, engagement and fun to the library and school.” Shannon McClintock Miller

“The fact of the matter is educators, no matter their position, can no longer rely on their schools and districts to provide the targeted professional development every educator needs and deserves.

Lucky for all of us we live in an age where all known knowledge is at our fingertips. The digital age has ushered in a new era where anyone can learning anything anytime anywhere. And the type of professional learning we need is readily available if we know where to find it.” STEVEN ANDERSON

“Poetry is one of the few styles of writing which openly encourages students to let go of their emotions and share them with others.”

“Schools and districts might like the idea of being progressive and innovative, but innovation requires two essential ingredients that are beyond my control as a teacher: financial investment and the desire to change.

If education is going to continue to evolve and improve, school districts must be willing to invest in new innovative programs. “ Catlin Tucker

“…technology can unlock great, effective, engaging learning. And when that happens, the need for at-home practice is diminished.” Matt Miller

“Standard classes can cause serious harm to your physical and emotional state. Not to mention how they make learning a boring practice for kids. Think of creative ways to make classes engaging for both you and your students. Humor must always have place in the classroom.” ERIN KLEIN



One thought on “We live in an age where all known knowledge is at our fingertips

  1. True, we can uncover just about anything. Therein lies the problem: curating, sorting, managing, collating. It’s pretty much an impossible job.

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