Banning Snapchat or Instagram is not the answer.

This week teachers say about…

Some teachers quotes

“The next generation of learning is here. It’s up to leaders to help drive change in behaviors, culture and mindsets. In higher education, it is critical that leaders find ways to honor the voice and needs of each individual student – leveraging technology as one vehicle to personalize learning.”

Vanessa LoVerme Akhtar, Ed.D.
“Online education can learn from online advertising, as digital learning is more effective if it is authentic, provokes emotion, is personable / relatable, useful, and can be controlled by the learner.”

Dr. Joshua Kim
“Banning Snapchat or Instagram is not the answer. Instead, parents should know how kids use different apps, what apps to block or uninstall, and what to monitor.”

Amy Williams, Edutopia

The best teachers quotes

Now everything has to have a video component. You have to show, not just tell.

“Given today’s climate in education systems, one based on accountability, scripted curriculum, and teaching to the teach, far too many teachers develop a fixed mindset.”

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D.

“No teacher wants to give her students busy work.”

Susan Verner

“Now everything has to have a video component. You have to show, not just tell. And not with words, but moving images. Prospective students and parents want multiple authentic glimpses of life at our campuses before making perhaps the greatest monetary investment of their lives.”
Donna Lehmann , Inside Higher Ed
“If you are worried that your kids will not be able to find a job in the age of the robots, then you should encourage your kid to attend a liberal arts institution – one where the emphasis is on creativity, risk taking, writing, communications, collaborations, problem solving, and leadership.
The best way to inoculate both ourselves, and our society, from negative technological disruptions is to invest in human capital.”

Dr. Joshua Kim, The Director of Digital Learning Initiatives at the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning

“We tend to consider the administration of education as digitalization of content and bringing of smartphone and tablet, within the schools. But I think it’s much more interesting to think about digitalization of education as how it can be a response to the need for a more fluid and fast and sensible transfer of knowledge across the life of a learner, basically.”
Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet

And some humor…

“There’s 47 minutes of classroom instruction
and the bell comes along just to end it
But the daily problem of the classroom nation
is finding a good way to spend it”

Matt Miller


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