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1.“Perhaps the most effective way to grab a person’s attention is to ask them to solve a problem.” Ellen Burns-Johnson

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2. “Curiosity is the fuel for discovery, inquiry, and learning. It is a state of mind that is open and flexible and in-tune with something substantive and accessible. Or seeks to be in-tune with something substantive and accessible.
Terry Heick


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3. “Our students need to see in us what we’re hoping for in them, and no other writer can do that for them because we’re the only ones breathing in the room with them” Katie Wood Ray


4. “Simply look around and you’ll notice toddlers making their first steps and at the same time effortlessly swiping through apps on their own tablets. This is the reality.
Erin Klein

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5. “Lucky for all of us we live in an age where all known knowledge is at our fingertips. The digital age has ushered in a new era where anyone can learning anything anytime anywhere. ” STEVEN ANDERSON

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Selected this week teachers quotes

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” A classroom no longer seems sterile, regimented, or threatening. In this transformation, more and more classrooms become communities of care, discovery, and learning (for students and teachers).” Rebecca Alber, Edutopia Consulting Online Editor
“While it is true that as teachers our main mission is to teach the students in our classrooms lots of exciting new language and skills, it’s also true that as professional educators we often invest a lot of our precious time in speaking to and dealing with students’ parents.
I would argue that there is so much more that could be done to encourage both parties to join efforts to guarantee that each student reaches their personal learning goals successfully.” Oxford University Press ELT

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“Similar to smartphones and tablets in recent years, VR (Virtual Reality) headsets will surely work their way into schools through adoption in the consumer market.
As soon as children and parents have VR devices in their living room VR will eventually arrive in classrooms and the workplace.” Kirsten Winkler

“…too often we approach our jobs without a growth mindset, without being intentional about “learning new things.”
We ask our students to learn new skills and content. But because of time, support, or inclination, we don’t always do that ourselves.” Glenn Wiebe

Quotes: They’re easy to repeat, prompt great discussion and are sticky to the brain. Share quote cards on a class website/learning management system, on social media or printed out in the classroom.
Trailers: Create a short video to promote interest in a book, a historical event or a person/character.” Matt Miller

“I wish that discussions of education data were as interesting as my conversations on baseball statistics. ” Arun Ramanathan

“Math is all around us, and stories are one way we attempt to understand the world around us. So it is no surprise that there are some good books out there that use story-telling to explore math concepts.”


I’m very close to my sister: words and phrases for talking about your family

Amazing words and phrases for talking about your family. Use these marvelous phrases.

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by Liz Walter

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There is a saying that blood is thicker than water, which means that the bond we have with family members is stronger than with anyone else. Whether you agree with that or not, chatting about our families is something that most of us do quite often, so it isn’t surprising that words for family members and words to describe their personalities are often among the first things we learn in a new language.  In this post, I aim to build on that by presenting some less obvious words and phrases for talking about families.

We use the phrase immediate family to describe the closest members of our family – usually our parents, children, wife or husband. In some cases, especially if we live with them, it may include our siblings (brothers and sisters). Our extended family is all the people we are related…

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