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Morning wishes for her. Print # 1
My first thought when I opened my eyes, was about you. Your eyes, smile, hair, voice… I am happy that a new day begins. How to get this print
morning wishes for her


Morning wishes for her. Print # 2

The stars in their galaxy can never outshine your love in my heart. You are the light that lightens my world every blessed day. I love you. How to get this print

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Morning wishes for her. Print # 3

Wake up my love. Flowers, smiles and laughter are waiting for you. Good morning Love! 

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Ten eye-opening quotes about moving on for her
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here’s how apps like Pokemon Go are leading the way

The new school year is almost upon us! Each new year of school brings with it new challenges.

Well, for example……. Pokemon Go…

Selected this week teachers quotes

“It’s no secret: the augmented reality app Pokemon Go is sweeping the nation. What’s interesting, though, is how the Pokemon Go app is catching on just as augmented
reality is shifting from science fiction to an important educational tool.  We’re at a watershed moment in augmented reality and virtual education; here’s how apps like Pokemon Go are leading the way.” Adam Gutierrez , Edudemic

“Pokemon Go offers many ways to launch rich learning experiences for and by students.
Activities can take place on school grounds and as part of the ultimate homework assignment: play to learn.
Students use Pokemon Go to learn content and important global success skills like collaboration, inquiry, and written communication. ”
John McCarthy  ,Education Consultant, Advocate for Student Voice in Learning.

“One of the most important questions I always have in the back of my head when I am working with students is how to ensure that the concept I am teaching will become a part of the students’ independent repertoire.  My quest is always to provide them repertoire and pathways toward independence.” Melanie Meehan

Pokemon Go offers many ways to launch rich learning experiences for and by students.

Selected this week teachers quotes

“Outside the classroom we normally choose what we want to read; if we don’t enjoy what we read, we stop.
If we provide a choice for our students – for example, by offering them a choice of three or four books from which they have to choose one that the class will study – we increase their investment in the class and create a space where the learners have a voice too. This choice can be extended to other areas too.” Amos Paran & Pauline Robinson

“Students should be provided meaningful opportunities to talk with each other about what, how and why they are learning.”  Casey Siddons

“Students will not invest themselves in complex intellectual work unless they feel that their voice matters in the classroom. Depending on where we teach, some of our students may arrive at school not having had their basic needs met. ” Joshua Block, Humanities teacher at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia

“Make no mistake about it; the job of any type of educator is tough these days. It is a rewarding profession in that we have the opportunity to make a positive difference each day, but for all our efforts, thanks and appreciation are tough to come by at times. The fact that many countries don’t value the honorable work that is done in classrooms and schools is a tough pill to swallow. Throw in the endless array of mandates, directives, and time dedicated to the job and many would question whether it is even worth it to go into the field of education these days. ” Eric Sheninger