Generation Z expects WiFi as a basic need, the same as water.


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“Creative writing can bring a spirit of adventure into the classroom. Thinking about an unusual, exciting and dangerous experience or event is not only a great way to widen the horizons of students but also to give them great exposure to new vocabulary. Moreover, students’ talents, gifts, skills, environment, background and personality will play a major role in its ability to function effectively in creative writing.” Ezekiel Yerimoh, the President of Knowledgefield International.

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“Generation Z expects wifi and 4G as a basic need, the same as an expectation of running water and electricity for older generations.”
Oxford University Press ELT

“A game — as simple as it may be — will always seem more exciting than any scientific paper with small text, ugly and hard-to-understand graphics, and lots of footnotes. Simply put, the colors and interactive elements are the superstars of learning.” Livia Mihai

“Global collaboration and the way it shapes student learning experiences should not be something we just do once in a while, it should be often, it should be meaningful. Our students have a voice, they have a need to learn about others, they have the right to not just experience our differences but to know what makes us all so similar. “
Pernille Ripp

“What’s the perfect balance between reading and retrieving? The study suggested 60 percent retrieving/recalling information from memory and 40 percent reading/studying. It can help students remember and recall important facts and ideas on tests and in real life. Sadly, many teachers all over the world aren’t using it.
Sadly, many of them are giving bad advice instead and don’t even know it.”
Matt Miller, a high school Spanish teacher in West Central Indiana.

“Because educators spend so much time with students, particularly observing them in social and educational situations, teachers can provide invaluable help in identifying possible mental health issues. Being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of the most common mental health disorders can help teachers identify potential problems more quickly and work with parents and the school to help students get the help they need.” Amanda Green
“Students and teachers need help navigating the oceans of digital content.Getting the content aligned with district curriculum also saves teachers a little bit of their most precious commodity: time.” Frank Smith

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2 thoughts on “Generation Z expects WiFi as a basic need, the same as water.

  1. That’s an interesting thought. Me, I still think of Wifi as problematic–not always available, often a problem to be worked around.


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