Teaching is a performance profession

Teaching is a performance profession

At a very basic level, every teacher with a smartphone has the ability to create a video of herself/himself teaching. Even without a coach, that video can become a tool for teacher self-improvement On a higher level, technology also makes it possible to combine multiple camera views, Bluetooth microphones, and cloud-based storage to enable virtual coaching complete with discussion threads.

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Using Video to Improve Teaching Practice



The opposite of education is manipulation

“Education is identical with helping the child realize his potentialities. The opposite of education is manipulation, which is based on the absence of faith in the growth of potentialities and the connection that a child will be right only if the adults put into him what is desirable and suppress what seems to be undesirable.”
― Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving I Love You Quotes

“Equality today means “sameness,” rather than “oneness.” It is the sameness of abstractions, of the men who work in the same jobs, who have the same amusements, who read the same newspapers, who have the same feelings and the same ideas.”


“Most people are not even aware of their need to conform. They live under the illusion that they follow their own ideas and inclinations, that they are individualists, that they have arrived at their opinions as the result of their own thinking—and that it just happens that their ideas are the same as those of the majority.”

Inspiring Quotes About Teachers

“The test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his pupils that they will answer readily, but how many questions he inspires them to ask him which he finds it hard to answer.”

Alice Wellington Rollins

Teachers Edmodo

“Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.”

Andy Rooney

“… It is a greater work to educate a child, in the true and large sense of that phrase, than to rule a state.”

William Ellery Channing


“I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.”

John Steinbeck

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We were given two ears and one voice for a reason.

This week the teachers say about…

This week teachers quotes

Teaching can be lonely and can feel isolating unless you find ways to connect with other educators. While there are many online ways to do this, there is something to be said, too, for face to face collaboration and sitting in another teacher’s room, witnessing the magic teachers cast, first-hand.

Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

Listen to students…Someone once told me we were given two ears and one voice for a reason. What is the writer really saying? Lean in, make eye contact, let them know you’re really hearing them.

Lanny Ball

English continues to develop and change, and a usage guide needs to keep pace.

Oxford University Press


For all learners, indeed all speakers of a language, their productive vocabulary – the words they actively use regularly – is a subset of their receptive vocabulary – the words they recognize and understand passively.
As teachers though, we often forget this distinction and vocabulary lessons can end up a mixed bag of new words and those that are already familiar, words that students are likely to use and those they may only come across occasionally.

Oxford University Press ELT

I learn a lot about my students, but I also learn about me. I find out ways I could support my students better; what I’m doing or not doing in my classroom to help the learning. It’s helpful to listen to the students from their point of view and the discussions they have at home about my class.

Eileen Lennon

Creating a space in the classroom for failure also encourages students to approach solving problems in nonlinear ways, using multiple possibilities and futures for refining their thinking.

Ben Johnson


22 Ways to Build Intentional Relationships With Your Students

Great tips to keep student engagement

Student trust plays a tremendous role in how well students learn and how much effort they will put in towards work. Wonderful advice and tips for any educator.

1. Know your students’ names. When you use someone’s name, you’re recognizing their identity. It’s simple, but it helps your students know that they’re being seen.

2. Recognize something that your students like.

3. Notice something about your students. “‘Hey, I love your blouse. It’s really pretty.’

4. Ask your students about their experience in after-school activities.

5. If a student is late (or acting up), check in with them. ‘Hey, I’ve seen that you’ve been late for the past couple days. What’s going on? Do you need some help with anything?'”

6. When you’re having conflict with a student, use that as an opportunity.

7. Have your students address you by your first name. This helps humanize you to your students.

8. Know that it takes time to build relationships.

9. Be open, honest, and vulnerable with your students.

10. Bring your personality into your advisory.

11. Help your students learn that not knowing the answer is OK.

12. Guide your students to become resources for each other.

13. Make sure you take care of yourself.

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Generation Z expects WiFi as a basic need, the same as water.


This week the teachers say about…

This week teachers quotes

“Creative writing can bring a spirit of adventure into the classroom. Thinking about an unusual, exciting and dangerous experience or event is not only a great way to widen the horizons of students but also to give them great exposure to new vocabulary. Moreover, students’ talents, gifts, skills, environment, background and personality will play a major role in its ability to function effectively in creative writing.” Ezekiel Yerimoh, the President of Knowledgefield International.

This week teachers quotes. Teachers blogs.

“Generation Z expects wifi and 4G as a basic need, the same as an expectation of running water and electricity for older generations.”
Oxford University Press ELT

“A game — as simple as it may be — will always seem more exciting than any scientific paper with small text, ugly and hard-to-understand graphics, and lots of footnotes. Simply put, the colors and interactive elements are the superstars of learning.” Livia Mihai

“Global collaboration and the way it shapes student learning experiences should not be something we just do once in a while, it should be often, it should be meaningful. Our students have a voice, they have a need to learn about others, they have the right to not just experience our differences but to know what makes us all so similar. “
Pernille Ripp

“What’s the perfect balance between reading and retrieving? The study suggested 60 percent retrieving/recalling information from memory and 40 percent reading/studying. It can help students remember and recall important facts and ideas on tests and in real life. Sadly, many teachers all over the world aren’t using it.
Sadly, many of them are giving bad advice instead and don’t even know it.”
Matt Miller, a high school Spanish teacher in West Central Indiana.

“Because educators spend so much time with students, particularly observing them in social and educational situations, teachers can provide invaluable help in identifying possible mental health issues. Being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of the most common mental health disorders can help teachers identify potential problems more quickly and work with parents and the school to help students get the help they need.” Amanda Green
“Students and teachers need help navigating the oceans of digital content.Getting the content aligned with district curriculum also saves teachers a little bit of their most precious commodity: time.” Frank Smith

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here’s how apps like Pokemon Go are leading the way

The new school year is almost upon us! Each new year of school brings with it new challenges.

Well, for example……. Pokemon Go…

Selected this week teachers quotes

“It’s no secret: the augmented reality app Pokemon Go is sweeping the nation. What’s interesting, though, is how the Pokemon Go app is catching on just as augmented
reality is shifting from science fiction to an important educational tool.  We’re at a watershed moment in augmented reality and virtual education; here’s how apps like Pokemon Go are leading the way.” Adam Gutierrez , Edudemic

“Pokemon Go offers many ways to launch rich learning experiences for and by students.
Activities can take place on school grounds and as part of the ultimate homework assignment: play to learn.
Students use Pokemon Go to learn content and important global success skills like collaboration, inquiry, and written communication. ”
John McCarthy  ,Education Consultant, Advocate for Student Voice in Learning.

“One of the most important questions I always have in the back of my head when I am working with students is how to ensure that the concept I am teaching will become a part of the students’ independent repertoire.  My quest is always to provide them repertoire and pathways toward independence.” Melanie Meehan

Pokemon Go offers many ways to launch rich learning experiences for and by students.

Selected this week teachers quotes

“Outside the classroom we normally choose what we want to read; if we don’t enjoy what we read, we stop.
If we provide a choice for our students – for example, by offering them a choice of three or four books from which they have to choose one that the class will study – we increase their investment in the class and create a space where the learners have a voice too. This choice can be extended to other areas too.” Amos Paran & Pauline Robinson

“Students should be provided meaningful opportunities to talk with each other about what, how and why they are learning.”  Casey Siddons

“Students will not invest themselves in complex intellectual work unless they feel that their voice matters in the classroom. Depending on where we teach, some of our students may arrive at school not having had their basic needs met. ” Joshua Block, Humanities teacher at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia

“Make no mistake about it; the job of any type of educator is tough these days. It is a rewarding profession in that we have the opportunity to make a positive difference each day, but for all our efforts, thanks and appreciation are tough to come by at times. The fact that many countries don’t value the honorable work that is done in classrooms and schools is a tough pill to swallow. Throw in the endless array of mandates, directives, and time dedicated to the job and many would question whether it is even worth it to go into the field of education these days. ” Eric Sheninger